GroupByKey node changed the order in my list

The List.GroupByKey node changed the order in of my list and this is something I don’t want.

Which node do I need to use to extract from a list a certain value and keep up the order of the original list.
In my example I have a combined list of room with the surrounding ceiling and I want to split this list up into two list, one with the rooms and one with the ceiling but the order needs to be maintained…

Try List.Transpose.

@Einar_Raknes Isn’t the solution

Your keys aren’t valid; you appear to be inputting a list of ceilings which obviously can’t be sorted. Try extracting a numerical parameter from the rooms first and use that as the key.

Are not the lists already sorted correctly and you only want to split them in two separate lists?

Thanks @Einar_Raknes,

I have a working script now to send the ceiling height to the correct corresponding room parameter!