Group and sort list by family then type

I’m trying to group and sort my lists of Detail Item families by family name, then type. I’ve tried some sort and group by key and sort by function options they are not working to sort alphabetically. In addition to the graph image, I’ve attached an excel screen shot of the sorting the way I’d like it, as it is the output is mixed up. I’m open to anything that lists the families and then their types grouped together in order. Thanks!


Download the image from the link below and check if it helps (sorry I’m having troubles uploading images):!AjD2jKUSZk_2omRpzLHInR5sHl2H

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Thanks, that got me there - see attached image for final solution. Now I have to combine that with my material keynotes list and we will hopefully have our solution for managing all of our keynotes and specs. I’ll post the final and explanation when I’m finished, and likely have more questions before then. This forum is amazing!


Not a problem. Here is the image: