Grids generator - problem with setting names of the grids

Hi! I’ve just started learning Dynamo and creating first easy scripts. I created a simple grid generator, which works perfectly fine. I’ve a problem with setting names of those grids. At the end of the chain I use node Elements.SetParameterByName and I get warning “This parameter’s storage type is not a number”. I tried creating new project parameter for grids (both text type and number type) and setting my names there, but I get the same warning. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @TomaszGorecki,

As I see it you’re passing a number value into a string parameter. You can check that with “Object.Type” in Dynamo.
After your Code Block saying “1…9…1”, you should set a node called “String from Object”.


Thank you very much @CVestesen !
Now it works perfectly fine :slight_smile: Posting my first script :slight_smile:

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