Ghost Items in List

I’m attempting to retrieve the Workset data from Views and create a library. When I try to create the library, there is a warning that there are duplicated keys. However, inspecting the input, there are items showing as duplicate that do not exist in the list. Does anyone have any insight on why Dynamo would report invisible information? Thanks.


That node is indicating the item at indecies 539, 1025, and 1249 are duplicates. Can you check what the values of those are?

That’s the issue: I can’t. The input list does not contain those items, but somehow it is reporting those duplicates.

I can see 1317 items are there???

Correct. I’m interpreting the values as missing from those in previous list…maybe my thinking is backwards…indices not values.

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That appears to be the case - check with a List.GetItemAtIndex node. :slight_smile:

You were right…I mistook the indices for the values. Oopsie Daisy. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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