Getting Zone Geometry

Hey everyone,

I want to create a script that auto-numbers my HVAC zones. I plan to number zones based on location - probably by distance from a certain point within the model. However, I am having difficulty gathering the geometry of the HVAC zones, I receive an empty list no matter what method I use. I have also tried using the zone tags but have been unsuccessful with that…

Does anyone have a recommendation for this?


You can’t get geometry from zones but you can get it from the spaces that form them. You can use FilterByBooleanMask with the Zone name and continue from there…

@thomas4721 @Joan_Moreto You need to access Revit API for this

Bummer… thanks for the info!

Hi Thomas, have your tried this ? If yes, I have couple of questions before digging further…
is it returning location co-ordinates of the zone boundary ? or is it returning geometry of zone?