Getting the quantity of pipe sticks needed for project

The company I work for does not use any MEP software. This is in base Revit. What I am trying to do is use Revit find the amount of 15 or 20 ft sticks of pipe (aluminum and PVC respectively) we need to order for a job. We often have short lengths of pipe and rarely have over 15 ft runs, we also use the leftover from the large lengths to cover the smaller lengths to lower the amount of pipe needed, especially aluminum.
I created a script with dynamo getting the info I need from Revit to do this, for some reason I can’t get it to add pipes for the large lengths. Its probably something simple but I can’t figure it out. I have archilab and clockwork if any of those would help. Any help would be great.

I can’t attach files yet but here are the dynamo files and a notepad of main script. I have a smaller one that just makes a dictionary so I can get each type of pipe currently used in the project.

Here is a example project I made to do a basic test, it should output 1 for everything.pipe length will likely be a float value not an int most of the time, but I made it exact for this test project.

The linear binpacking capabilities in the BIM4Struct package may be of interest to you.

You beat me to it, @JacobSmall.

is there a good way to separate pipe types into their own list, I have about 12 types


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