Getting the level face


How do I get the Face.Reference of a level?

Objects return getGeometry(opt) … but using this with levels … I get an empty list.

a=IN[0] = list of levels.

opt = Options()
opt.ComputeReferences = True
opt.IncludeNonVisibleObjects = True
opt.View = doc.ActiveView

for b in a:	
	c = []	
	for obj in b.get_Geometry(opt):

your thoughts?

Look for the Level.Plane node in clockwork which I believe will solve this issue for you.

Nah, planes arent the answer. I figured it out though: levels are refplanes themselves so reverse looping them did the trick

Can you elaborate what you mean by reverse looping through the levels?
How is this done in dynamo?

Looks like you’ve got some questions on a few old topics - might be best to start a new topic linking back to these topics as needed to get the answer you need.