Getting Instant Interference Feedback

Hi, is it possible to run interference check on background and get instant feedback

Look into the Bimorph package

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Hi, Can you post an example. I’m new user. I wish I get some coloured feedback in the clashed area/ Elements

Please read this it might help:
Also welcome to the forum

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I tried creating this much with spring nodes and data exported from interference report to move affected items to diffrent workset but it is not working here. What I did wrong while moving the elements to different Workset

I saw and Add In called ClashMep which instantly gave feedback. I believe it is using the same Interference checking engine

What is the error in “Element.Setparameterbyname”?

I think you have to use the Workset.ID to set the workset parameter.

Cannot find “ name” and “Workset .id”

Sorry… It’s from the Archi-lab. net package. Also the Workset.ByName creates a workset, so no need for the Workset.Create node in front of that one, just the workset name.

As stated, you have to use the Workset.Id node. I would also use the Workset.ByName. Both from

Getting Same Error


Looks like you’re using the Workset.Name node instead of the Workset.ByName node.

Hi, Please someone please help me resetting color override generated by Node. Or suggest me better way to color element