Getting elements from linked file

Im having a bit of trouble due to getting elements from a linked file, it does run all fine, but the issue is that, the walls in thise case, that it fetches for me, are the walls in the project i have open, and not the walls from the link. Any thoughts on this? I think its really weird :slight_smile:

I did try with other nodes, that has the same function, but it seems like im doing something awfully wrong, cause they alle just give me the walls from my active revit document, and not from the link i request.

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Hi @Phh

Try using arhi-lab custom node “Get Documents”:

I still have the same problem, with these nodes. Its super weird, thx for the advise tough :slight_smile:

@Phh possible to share rvt link file?

Hey Kulkul, sorry for the absence, where out of office :slight_smile:

I will upload a file you can check tomorrow, thx so much for the time.

Can i send it privately for you?

@Phh Yes you can.

How do we do that? Its a 400 mb file, maybe i can share a Dropbox with you? But in that case, i need a email :slight_smile: