Getting coördinates form a AutoCAD block

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a graph in order to convert a 2D drawing into a 3D model.
In order to do this I am wondering if it is possible to get coördinates from an insertionpoint of an 2d CADblock so that i can use those in an excell sheet to place 3D objects.

Thank you.


The best way is, to do this in AutoCAD:

EATTEXT (Command)

Exports block attribute information to a table or to an external file.
If you enter -EATTEXT at the Command prompt, options are displayed.

I think you can try LinkDWG package, some node from this can get the positions (coordination) of Autocad Block, and extract to excel file.

If you need the Geometry Position in X, Y and Z as input for your script, then you can simply use a DATAEXTRACTION for that which will export out all coordinates to Excel, csv or txt.

If you want to do everything in Dynamo, the LinkDWG-package, as mentioned by @ngochungwru, is an option. You place the block(s) on a new layer and import all the objects on the chosen layer, see picture below. The output will be a list of the insertion points.