Getting all visible elements in view

I updated my MEPover package for the first time in a while (thanks for helping out @GavinCrump :slight_smile: The reason for the update is that I was working on implementing this in a plugin I am currently working on. I figured it would make for a nice Dynamo node, so I translated it to python and put it in a node of its own. So this node will return all visible elements from the selected view, including all elements in the linked models. The list of elements is accompanied by a list of documents, so you can tell which elements comes from which document.

A few other new nodes include a FilterInt series, that will let the user supply a parameter name and a value for returning all elements that pass that integer rule and value. Also works for Yes/No parameters, like this for instance:

On a side note: I thought I would finally create a node in Python 3, but it turns out that the Dynamo python 3 nodes do not support implementing Revit API interfaces: Work in progress to improve Python 3 support ยท DynamoDS/Dynamo Wiki ยท GitHub
So I still ended up creating it in good olโ€™ ironpython 2.