Get xyz-coordinates of vertical and horizontal structure wall layers

I am looking for a way to output the xyz coordinates of wall layers. At the moment I am working with the Wall CompoundStructureLayersLocation node. However, this works only conditionally, since only the coordinates on the Z-plane are output to me.

In addition, materials are also output on the Z=0 plane, which are actually located further up (ex. Z=1m). I have wall layers, which are arranged vertically in several layers. Does Revit or Dynamo recognize here that, for example, the structural timber is arranged at a height of Z=1m? I want XYZ coordinates for all partial elements of my wall, in the best case this would also be transferable to other elements.

Thank you very much.Z = 0

I think to help you with this, and your other posts we’d need an example of how you are producing the model itself. Otherwise we’re guessing at how you’ve put things together.


I want to show with an example: a stacked wall with divided sub-elements.

As you can see in the photo, the first layer is divided into two layers of material. The upper layer starts only at Z=1m. If I export the elements with the node Element.Location+ I get Z=0 for all elements. But I also want to output the height (Z-value) and not only xy-coordinates.

Would you need more information about the model?

Likely best to make parts of the wall, and query geometry/locations from there.

Yes, I have made sub-elements of the wall and ask for their location with the Element.Location+ node, but this didn’t worked as I explaned before.

I think most problem is that Element.Location+ generates a line (xy,Z=0) and not a surface (xyz) related on the center.

Parts would report the geometry which could then return a centroid, min point, or similar. Walls (as in a collection of objects used to demise space) don’t report on the location of the objects - you need to go one level down to do so.