Get xref object geometry to dynamo


I would like to get in Dynamo the geometry of objects included in an xref of my drawing, would it be possible?

Thanks for your help


Depending what you need, the node ‘Select Model Element’ connected to ‘Get Element Geometry’ will work… But if you look at the BiMorph package you will find more sophisticated nodes which might help :slight_smile:




Thanks for your answer but i dont have any Select model Element node (i’m working with Dynamo for Civil 3D) …

An XREF is a block, so you can get the block contents:



I think i am missing something but i cant find what, you can see below that i have a null result…

The block name input should be the actual name of the XREF, not the layer that it is on. So in this case, it looks like the name is “Bati”.

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Thanks a lot! I’m such a newbee…

Now more difficult maybe : would it be possible to filter the objects of my XREF among their layer in the wref?

Sure, you can get the object layer and filter just like you might do with the current drawing. Maybe something like this.


Thanks a lot @mzjensen i’m starting with dynamo and i hope that one day i wiil be able to help people like you did.

@bertrand.savarit you are welcome!