Get User Email ID

Hello all,
Has anyone used something which enables dynamo to get user email id to track usage?

You can build a view extension that utilizes the authentication method which Dynamo leverages to get to the Autodesk log-in info as of Dynamo 2.16 if memory serves. The specifics of such aren’t easy though.

Most I know use the windows username instead.

I got to the windows username using os module.

I believe this property might work:

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@GavinCrump Thanks. Unfortunately for C3D doesn’t have the method defined in its Autodesk.Civil Namespace

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This may be of use: dynamoPython/dynamoAPI/ at master · Amoursol/dynamoPython · GitHub

The authentication toolset which work in any Dynamo build is here: Dynamo/src/DynamoCore/Core/IDSDKManager.cs at ed5376f97a9ba108bb716efe02e61a8153c5a0e6 · DynamoDS/Dynamo · GitHub
You’ll have to use this as a source for your own tool as there are private APIs which can’t be called externally.