Get Topography subregion curves sketch lines

How to Get Topography subregion curves sketch lines?

I know how to create subregion with sketch lines but not getting the sketch lines from an existing subregion in a project.

Any idea?

This appears to be the API methods used to get the boundaries. Will need some Python I think - haven’t seen any custom nodes that do this before.

Get subregion ids from a toposurface:

Get subregion boundaries:

The mepover and springnodes packages have some good examples of how to convert curveloops to protogeometry in Dynamo.

Hope that helps.

Hi @ruben.romero …could something here help…

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that node Collect.elementSketch of Springs nodes package does the job, but I would have to create polycurve with that bunch of lines afterwards, and they must be sorted to be able to execute that task of closing a polycurve, thanks.

think you just can use polycurve by joined curves

sometimes the output is weird when joining lines by points, hopefully it works, I will try to see what the node does, thanks

I dont talk about polycurves by point i would use polycurve by joined curves and it will work becourse subregion is always a closed boundery so no need for sorting the curves…good luck :wink:

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hello, I tried that node, although the output of lines are those that are cutting/slicing the original topography, but nothing about subregions.

Hi Ruben…not sure what your mean, think it works for me…

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