Get the structure material of a multilayer element

Hey, I’ve been struggling to extract only the structure material of my elements. I might be close, but I can’t get the index of the material which is considered as structure. In the picture I want to get the “3” from the code block which is the index of the structure material.

You need to use the IsCore (Structure) to get the index which is 3 in this Case. Once you have that, use FilterByBooleanMask on the Material list, but don’t convert to Int like you show, just use True/False.

Also, I think for the “Functions” output you need to use Level 2 because it’s a sublist, but can tell for sure with what you’ve shown.

Try Like this…

wall.dyn (16.3 KB)

It is working now! Thank you for your replies !

Somehow only for one element at once…

wall 1.dyn (13.9 KB)

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