Get the nested family on which the connector element is hosted?


I have a radio with several connectors as nested families. Pipe Connector Element is created on the faces of each of these nested families.

I want to identify which nested family has which Pipe connector element. Eventually I want to get the “Connector Description” value and add it to the family on which the connector element is hosted.


Any ideas on how to solve this? Thank you :slight_smile:

How to identify which “Connector Description” of the Pipe connector is for which nested family/element. I For instance the value B1 should be for A1 in the image, How to map this?

Try this node from MEPover package:

Hi @GavinCrump , Thanks for your response.

I tried your suggestion. Doesn’t work as the element is a “Connector Element” not a Connector I guess.

This node intends to return the connector element from an element connected to it, not the other way around I think. Have a look through MEPover as it may have something to do the opposite.

I also tried this way. The nested families are elements on which the connector element is placed but still it does not give back the connectors. But I will look into MEPover package. Please share any ideas on this issue as I am stuck :frowning:

I have attached the dynamo script if anyone wants to try. The script also gets the co ordinates of both families and connector elements and finds minimum distance. I still need to figure out how to achieve what I want basically.

Extract parameter values to excel 5.dyn (51.4 KB)

@waqar.a.khan949 if you made the nested families “shared”, they would be exposed within the project.

You can then use FamilyInstance.SuperComponent by Clockwork to find the parent family of the nested element.

To find the connector itself, either MEPover has something for this, or you have to delve into the API. It is possible to get the connector information through the API.

If the connector is on a nested family that is not shared then it might be impossible to retrieve the connector inside the context of a project. I can imagine that you can only access its information from within the context of the family editor. This is just a guess though. If you could share the family then I might be able to test that theory :slight_smile: