Get the Location of a TextNote

I was trying to write a fairly simple script that would read a bunch of text notes from a revit file, then create rooms at their location with the text value as the name/number of the room. Where I’ve hit a wall is getting the location of the Text Note elements. From their parameters they seem to have no location or coordinate information, but there must be a work around to get their rough location to place the room. I’ve looked a few other topics and saw one that mention using a python script to obtain coordinates, but I’ve only been using this for about a week and I have no idea how to script my own node.

Solved. Copied the code from into a python block and connected it from element to location.

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Hi there,

the solution doesn’t work anymore, Or, I am not able to get the python script to work…

Does anyone know a solution that work in 2021 ? May be there is a custom package somewhere that does the trick ?

Hi Clément,

Its a different method with a boundingbox but it’s ready to use. (package Genius Loci)

TextNote location

Hi Alban_de_Chasteigner,
I use your these nodes, but I see distance between Min Point - Mid Point and Max Point - Mid Point not entirely equal. It’s a bit inconvenient. :grinning:

Thanks and kind regards.!

I don’t understand which result you expect. BoundingBoxes are rarely square.
Maybe the term MidPoint is not precise and I have to replace it with centroid.

I mean distance between Min Point to Mid Point and Max Point to Mid Point are not entirely equal. Why’s that?
Thanks and kind regards!