Get SheduleView size

How we can get full size (width and height ) of SheduleSheetInstance ViewSheet

using python

I don’t think that I possible… I use the trick to get the information from the parameters I have named Width and Height in the sheet family.

Not tested, but perhaps you can try getting the boundingbox of the schedule??

I am afraid that this would be a dangerous path to follow… I think the bounding box will see if a view is set on a sheet crossing the edge. That will happen since users will not necessarily be aware that this could be an issue.
Maybe a filter can solve it… but the other way using parameters is more secure.

Are you looking to work with a ScheduleView or a ScheduleSheetInstance?

I wouldn’t use the ScheduleView as that returns a false flag of a bounding box using the OOTB nodes. This resulting box doesn’t change or scale with alterations to the schedule - it’s a constant size - nor would it be mapped to the location of the schedule on the sheet or take into account any ‘splits’ in the schedule. There is an exposed method for pulling a bounding box from ScheduleSheetInstances shown here:, but the OOTB node for this fails (no idea why but you can see the source code here: It’s unclear how this would deal with a ‘split’ schedule (two boxes or one?).

Thanks for answers…

in my mind:

ViewSheet = SheduleSheetInstance .OwnerViewId


BoundingBoxUV = ViewSheet .Outline

and next use work with BoundingBoxUV :

but i dont now how use BoundingBoxUV coordinate to translate them to XYZ if its possible