Get Room Area by Room Name

I have multiple units in my floor plan (Unit 1a, 2a, 2b, 3a, etc.). I would like to be able to get all the areas for all of the 1a unit types, all of the 2a unit types, etc.

I am currently able to get the room names separated, but it is only producting 1 room name and it’s area, not all of them.

Any reason why you don’t just use a Schedule?

For Dynamo look at GroupByKey.

Thanks! I’ll look at GroupByKey

We have lofted units where i’ll need to multiply by a percentage and some of the 2a units are slightly off in square footage. I believe dynamo will do it quicker and i’ll be able to apply it to our other projects as well. I’m new to dynamo so trying to set up some scripts that would be useful for the office. & calculating leasable SF is one i’m trying to figure out now.

Try Cross-Lacing the GetParameterValueByName.

Cross-Lacing worked and it now shows me each unit and its SF. However, I now need to group all of the 2.5A, all of the 1A, etc. I tried GroupByKey but I’m not sure what ‘key’ to enter in to make them sort accordingly? Thanks for everyone’s help so far!


I’ve tried it a slightly different way, where I’ve gotten it to break down into a specific apartment type (2A being the example). Anyone know the best way to make it show the apartment’s area from here?

The Room Name.

Example 1

Example 2