Get Properties of Grids in Specific View

Dear Dynamo specialists,

My full project contains 16 grids.

I would like to get the properties and grid.curves of the specific curve in the view (changed)

But I get the grid curves of the full project.

How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance!!

Grids have a Name (mandatory), so collect all Grids get their Names and filter out the ones you need .
After that you can get the rest of the properties.
List.FilterByBooleanMask will help you here


But in my full project the horizontal grids are a lot wider than the view with the scope box.

Total project Grids

So I need this properties and curves (Grid Curves of specific view part)

View Grids

I don’t know what level of Revit experience you have, but did you know this?
If you do, please don’t be offended

Yes thanks.

I am struggeling with the next thing.

I have the 3D grids (1st picture) and another view (2 picture) with 2D extents or trims.

I want the lengte or properties (curves) of the 2D extended /trim Grids (not of the 3D grids)

Could you help me?