Get parent family of mixed structural foundations


Any idea if I’m doing wrong here: Trying to filter pile foundations in a drawing with several types of structural foundations (foundation slabs, wall foundations and isolated foundations). But the Foundation Slabs are seen as Floors which can not return the FamilyInstance.Symbol…





Hi Vikram,

but this is giving me the family type name. I would like to filter based on the name of the Family (the parent itself)…

The example above only returs the Type Name…

Deiter, I realized that my reply didn’t satisfy your problem. Posted as it at least didn’t refer to the foundation as a floor

No solution, but, the image below might help add to the confusion :slight_smile:


Like this?

I will add this to Rhythm shortly.


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Managed to extract the required information.

File: parentFamily.dyn


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The same as the one I last posted, but with nodes.

File: parentFamily-Nodes.dyn


Have you thought about the parameters within the families that you want, and hope the attached image will help show this.


The piles will generally have a pile diameter parameter for there radius/diameter, so in theory you could filter everything by that parameter. This will hopefully save you any filtering later on if these piles was in a pile cap and you wanted to extract them out later on in the script.


Pile Foundation


Thank you all for these replies. All of them are helpful for this post.
The one from John Pierson is the most suitable for my use case ! So bring on that package, man :slight_smile:

Although the solution of Vikram is better maintainable.



Glad to help out! It’s in Rhythm now :slight_smile: