Get parameter values from Element.Parameter

Hi guys, is there a node which extracts only the values of parameters after Element.Parameter?

I’m trying to use the get parameter value by name but it doesn’t work. I tried using levels at parameterName and also adding a string from object between the nodes Element.parameters and Element.getParameterValueByName, but I still don’t get the values.


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The Element.GetParameterValueByName node only needs the name of the parameter. For Example Sheet Number (as String).

In this case, you could also use the node Parameter.Value after the Element.Parameters node :slight_smile:

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YES! That’s exactly the node I needed but couldn’t find. Probably cause I didn’t use the point between Parameter.Value. I always get in trouble because of that, maybe I should start searching for nodes i the library section thing instead of right click - search…

In any case THANK YOU DUDE, have a wonderful day! ^^^^

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Try like this…

Home.dyn (10.0 KB)