Get Parameter Value by Name - Nested Lists

Does anyone know of an elegant way to get the Element.GetParameterValueByName to work with elements that are organized into nested lists?

See my example below:

My desired result is shown in red and should yield all 20s in a list format that matches the given element format.


A python script from a thread earlier this month would work:


a dynamoPython script, visit the website for more details
__author__ = 'Kenzo Bird -'
__dynamoforum__ = 'Kennyb6'
__version__ = '1.0'

Script to match structure of one list to another.
IN[0] must be completely flattened prior to this script.
Empty lists in either inputs may give unwanted results.

def recCount(_lists, c):
    # Count all elements in the structure list (IN[1])
    for _list in _lists:
        if isinstance(_list, list):
            c = recCount(_list, c)
            c += 1
    return c

def recMatch(_list, _matches, _out, c):
    Recreate the value list (IN[0]) according to the structure list (IN[1])
    _list = entire value list
    _matches = the current list level of the structure list
    _out = value list matching the structure list to be passed on
    c = count to be used as the current index of the value list
    for _match in _matches:
        if isinstance(_match, list):  # if list, recurse another level deeper
            outTemp, c = recMatch(_list, _match, [], c)
            c += 1
    return _out, c

# Inputs:
mList = IN[0]  # List of values, flattened to single level
toMatch = IN[1]  # Original structured list
outList = []  # Need blank list to be appended, will be new value list
c = 0
mC = 0

# Checks that both lists are equal value to prevent invalid index errors
if len(mList) == recCount(toMatch, c):
    OUT = recMatch(mList, toMatch, outList, mC)[0]
    in0Len = "IN[0] length = " + str(recCount(mList, c))
    in1Len = "IN[1] length = " + str(recCount(toMatch, c))
    OUT = ["List lengths do not match.", in0Len, in1Len]

Note that you should flatten the input to GetParameterValueByName first.


Appreciated, this did the trick @kennyb6 !

You probably could have used Lacing or Levels to make this hope. Without another node.

Levels doesn’t work in this case, as far as I tested. If you can make it work, please show us.

Although no, I was not able to get levels to work, if you List.Map it I think would be a better option.

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