Get or assign LinePatternElement name?

Hello all,
How do I get the name of the LinePattern as a string?
Or, better yet, can I use a string or code block to define the line pattern?


I’m trying to create a Line Style, and I currently have to input a string and select the line pattern of the same name. I’d rather only do this once. See red marks in image below. Thanks again for your help!

Try an element.Name node, and/or a codeblock of a.Name;


@JacobSmall where can I find these kind of code…like a.Name; or a.Parameters;

There isn’t a direct 1:1 listing anywhere as it will vary with your Dynamo build and library. Reading up on design script is likely the best way to know how to pull the info out:

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Thanks @JacobSmall
Element.Name node worked. :slight_smile:

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