Get needed Area from Revit


I want to get the surface of my needed area in dynamo to go on with my existing skript. How can I get the surface if there exists walls and slabs.

a picture to make it clear:

I tried it with “Select Edges” but the lines are not closed so it doesnt work with surface.bypatch.

How can I do it in the best way?



Hi @josef.radi

@Kulkul does that work if the curve ends are not coincidental, as shown in the picture above? Would an intersection of vectors to determine the offset dimesnion of the curve ends be required to form a joined curve list prior to this workflow?

In that case use Springs.LineLoopMerge node to join all the lines which are not coincidental.


Thanks thats exactly what I needed!

Its great that this also works if lines are too long :slight_smile: