Get English Name of a Parameter


I wish to get the English name of a parameter…I’ve seen this code wich returns the BuiltInCategory Enumeration for a given category in Dynamo

Category2BuiltIn = System.Enum.ToObject(BuiltInCategory, Category.Id)

And i thought with myself… Is there anyequivalent to the parameter translation ?

for instance, the parameter “level” available in walls is translated in portuguese to “Nível”. Is there a function wich take this “nivel” as argument and returns the name “level”?


There is no such function to translate the name of a parameter. You can use BuiltInParmater enumeration to always point proper parameter, no matter the language Revit is using:
Unfortunately it requires some Python coding.

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I dont think there is a normal function in Dynamo for that, but it also would just work fine because Dynamo should work just fine in every language.