first post but not last
i’m French and working on a US version of Revit (because community is bigger in English tongue than French)
i created a “wonderful” .dyn (4-5 nodes) few weeks ago and i use OOTB Revit parameter in my program to get data and set new one
unfortunately US and FR Revit haven’t the same names (nad my colleagues when they will work on RVT will work in French)
is there a way to make programs work on French or US or German Revit or any language??
In Lisp in ACAD works whatever the version of ACAD used
Is it possible with Revit?

Hi Jean-Philippe,

Instead of using the parameter names in a specific language, you can use the BuiltInParameters
This should do the trick for a lot of the OOTB parameters.
Archilab package has a few nodes to deal with BuiltInParameters.

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