Get Dyn Path

Hi guys

How to get the path location or/and name for the running dyn.

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Hi @Mohammad_Nawar ,
you should have a look at this :

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I’ll continue this thread instead of one linked by Mostafa. Category suits better.
Although getting the script’s name from the log file is a creative way, it seems to be (to me) kind of workaround.
I found out from this thread Dynamo API in python node?
and post: Refering to a relative path
that, retrieving a running script’s name can be done via ZTN, eureka isn’t it? :smiley:
On Springs.UI’s github you can see the code responsible for getting script’s name.

So far I’ve created a couple of ZTnodes using another software’s API so I have some knowledge about C#, but that github code is something out of my scope. Copy/paste the code I don’t understand is silly.
Is there a more simple way to get graph’s name using Dynamo’s API?

I’ve tried creating new instance of Dynamo.Graph.Workspaces.WorkspaceInfo and then getting the name but it does not work.



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