Get coordinates of View, then use them for placing other Views

Here’s a trick using Revit Lookup to find the coordinates of existing Views so you can use those points for placing Views on an other Sheet.
Revit Lookup - Snoop Current Selection:

Copy the GetBoxCenter

Paste into a code block like:
Point.ByCoordinates(1.82981431014265, 0.657879970631007, -0.5);

Make your list of Views the same count as the list of points. This graph shows placing five views on a Sheet:

or use the properties directly in dynamo…

Similar, but putting in the View center points doesn’t depend on other views existing. I’m using it to place new Views on a new Sheet.

Still very possible after initial placement via GetBoxCenter and SetBoxCenter :point_left: Nodes available in Steamnodes and Rhythm .

To be clear, I think showing RevitLookup is completely valid and a worthy example that user’s should familiarize themselves with. :+1: