Get all "type_parameter" about several "RFA_files"

I want to get all “type_parameter” about each “RFA_file”.
As attached file “case_01”,I could get the “type_parameter” succesfully about only one “RFA_file”.

But I couldn’t get “type_parameter” in the case of several “RFA_files” which were selected previously as attached file “case_02”.

If possible, would you give me good advice to solve the above error problem of attached file “case_02”?
For example,good packege,good node・・・・

Like below, you can use in the dummy Revit file.

Fmaily Parameter.dyn (17.6 KB)


Thank you so much!! :rofl:
I appreciate your quick response!! I was so surprised!! I took a few days to find the solution.
In Japan we coudn’t find a person who know dynamo well.
I will try it then.

Sorry, I sent same question in miniutes here, I made mistake, so please ignore the same question.

Deleted the duplicate topic.

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