Get all the Materials of a Family in Dynamo

Hello Community!

I am writing a script write now that batch checks all the created families from my colleagues for their quality.
Right now I am facing a problem with the Materials. When I open a Family there are several Materials inside which are not assigned to any Geometry in the Family.

As shown in the Screenshot only our Material starting with 00_… is assigned to that one geometry in this Example Family which is named “support head”. All the other materials are useless.
This Materials we have to remove according to our Standard to keep the Family sizes as low as possible.

I tried now to grab these Materials in a List in Dynamo with the Standard Node “Element.GetMaterials” & the custom Node “Element.Materials+” from Clockwork Package but both only get me the Materials which are assigned as shown in the following Screenshot:


  1. Is there a possibility to get also the unnecessary Materials that are in the Families as shown in Picture 1?

  2. Another question bit off topic that I already wanted to ask if there is a node that can purge a Family? Batch open and close is fine, I would only need a way to purge like the Revit Feature under Manage Tab does.

Thanks in Advance!