Get all elements by View

I have a view that is not square, ive used crop view. When right click on a object and select every object in current view i can select ony object that shows in that view (inside crop region, also when selecting by drag window), but if i use the node Collector.ElementsInView i’ll also get objects outside of my crop region. Have anyone made a package selecting ony objects inside crop view. I want to write parameters to all elements in a part of a building that is not square.

Hi @kristu

We have discussed similar issue in this topic How to get the elements inside a boundingbox?. Using @Einar_Raknes (Thanks to Einar) solution i have slightly modified the script to work for you inside the crop region window. I have selected the crop region boundary to get Bounding Box using custom node “BoundingBox.ByElement” from clockwork package. Below is the process in action.

Here is the DYN Script getElementsInBB(Crop Region).dyn (13.8 KB)