Geometry rotation Issues

Hello! I’m a beginner trying to learn dynamo.
I have been trying to rotate some geometry about its axis, but every time I do that, the original geometry (the unrotated one) still remains. I was following some tutorials but there this wasn’t an issue which is why I’m confused. I can figure out a way to hide the original geometry but I’m not sure if that’s the best solution. Please help with why this is happening or how I can solve it…


Hi !
Everything remain, it is the regular behavior.
Right ckick on the node and you can hide it !


Yes exactly @Francois_Labonne,

When data passes through nodes, the output will be visible in your Dynamo 3D view, to disable this 3D view of a node right click it and unclick the visibility option, now your node will turn blue and the objects will be removed from the 3D view (this does not affect the datastream, just the visibility).

Okay! Thank you so much !

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