Geometry Intersect

Hello. I was wondering how to use Geometry.IntersectAll. I thought it could give me a solid that consists of where the two variables intersect but it isn’t working for me.

I am trying to find where two objects overlap when they shouldn’t. Using the solid generated, I would create a generic model in Revit so it is easy to see exactly where this clash is happening, down to a corner of a beam. When one object is entirely inside another, Revit’s Interference Check doesn’t count it as an interference so I am looking for another way to highlight it. I don’t want to use the element curves because the intersect may happen on the outskirts of the element model and not the center line, or the line could span multiple solids and it would be hard to pinpoint which in a view.

Could anyone explain if this is even possible with the Geometry.IntersectAll node or how to properly use it? Thank you.

I think I figured it out. All elements must intersect for it to work. Making the intersect use lacing - cross product worked, for anyone who needs to figure it out as well.

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