Geometry intersect with à HVAC Zones

Hi to you all,i need your help about a way To do a geometry intersect with hvac zones. Is it possible in the first place to do this.or maybe a bounding box methode and propositions? I need your guidance

Bimorph nodes package is a place to start.

I founded this logic in the forum.can i use the same concept on hvac zone and per exemple pipes or i need to look for another solution

Use 1 ‘get all elements of category’ node to get the HVAC zones. Then use 1 ‘get all elements of category’ node using a list of categories to get the elements you wish to clash with HVAC zones.

Now you have two lists. 1 list of HVAC zones and 1 list of elements to clash.

Then use element.Geometry nodes to get the shapes associated with each of the elements in the 2 lists.

Once you have the shapes you can use element.doesIntersect node to check if they clash. This node will return True/False which can be used with a filter by book mask node to split the list of elements into two separate parts.

Give this a try and post a picture of your progress on here then hopefully some can help you more.