Geometry Intersect/Slab shape edit failed

Hi, I have a script to turn a sub region into a floor along the topo. However the geometry intersect is just missing the topo because I cant get the hosted topo the subregions on from the selection as well. I thought about offsetting the sketch lines to get the intersection but then the floor to topo node dosnt work properly. I tried scaling the polysurface larger to but this isnt great because of the odd shape. I want this to work in all sorts of situations. Projecting points dosnt really work either and is slow. Thanks for any help

I can get the surface perimeter curves and create points along that but then it fails for some reason

Feel like I need to delete this whole post. :crazy_face:

Less points eventually worked. but a couple points arnt working

I think it might be better getting the points sorted along the sketch curves of a sub region for the floor. Then the corners of curves will attach to the topo. But then I’m back stuck with the issue of the points missing the surface when projecting up. Unless I can project them up to the surface perimeter curves, or closest to? Is the a way to shift a point along a axis to closest to a curve? Then maybe I can do a combination of points along sketched lines and the perimeter surface curve to cover all bases.

using the surface perimeter curve pick below