Geometry.Intersect Bug

Hello all, I have a warped roof with structural members running underneath. I am trying to create a graph that will find the elevation of where the structural members will meet the roof along a grid at three locations: one in the center line and one on each outside face.

The graph I have created works and gives me the elevations that I want, but there is one bug to it. Geometry.Intersect appears to drop the fifth item in my list. It does not matter if there are 5 or 25. Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution to it?

Can you repost the images with previews on the geometry.intersect and all nodes leading into it expanded? Also there are a few custom nodes with no package indicated, best to indicate those as well.

Here you go. This is the current graph I am working with.


The weird thing is that the Geometry.Intersect bug is occurring on the combined list from List.Join for both Item #5’s in each list.
For example, if List A = {1… 10} & List B = {11…20} and List C is List A joined with List B, then Geometry.Intersect will have a bug on 5 & 15.