Geometry Color

I’m trying to get a color from a surface at a specific point as the image shown.

But when I use GetColorAtParameter, it asks for colorRange, which confuses me, because when I apply the picture onto the surface, i get a GeometryColor.
Is there a sample that shows that?


As you observe GetColorByParameter is an action on a ColorRange rather than GeometryColor. If you have used Image.Pixel to turn an image into colours to apply to a surface, then you can query the colours directly by using the UV parameters of the point from the surface to find the nearest pixel and get its colour:

42397.dyn (62.8 KB)

Hope this helps,

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that helps a lot :wink:

I’m trying to use this script, but it doesn’t seem to be working with multiple points.
If i have a grid of points and would like to know every single point color I get all black.
Can’t understand why. It works fine with single points.

On the other hand, is it possible to map a picture on a surface and get the color without specific libraries?

Revised graph attached which can accept multiple queries using a small amount of Python (which could be done with normal nodes but it’s just a bit more concise this way)

42397-multiple.dyn (71.3 KB)

I don’t quite understand your last question? There are no specific libraries used here.

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Sorry for strange questions, but I am quite a noob right now.

I was doing something like that python script in codeblock, but didn’t work.
Changing from x*u to (x-1)*u fixed it. I need to understand why now :wink:

You answered my last question with that loop script. I was using Pattern toolkit for achieving the same result, but it doesn’t let me use my grid of points. So I was trying to create my own script to achieve that without using packages (sorry I wrote libraries).

Thanks a lot.

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this really bugs me too - I think it would be useful to be able to query the Display object for colors.

this would be the class I think that the functionality could be added to.

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