Geometry closest point to, node not working

hello, I think there is a problem with the Geometery closest point to node. What I am trying to do is find the closest point on each polycurve from each point on every polycurve. (hence the cross lacing) however when all is said and done, I am getting strange results, where many points dont seem like they can possibly be the closest point to point 0 on the other lines. Have a look below. I have isolated two examples and highlighted them. I numbered the points as the polycurve did. You can see below in red. However, if you look at these polycurves rather than seeing a nice rectangle-ish pattern (which is what I need) there are these very skewed polycurves. I cant for the life of me understand why it would choose some of these points as their closest points. Can anyone else see what I am doing wrong?

Perchance… is this related to the other topic on NurbsSurface.ByPoints? NURBSSURFACE BY POINTS TANGENTS not working

The data set looks somewhat similar.

Hi Jacob, well its the same script, but its at a different point in the script. So yes and no.