Generative Design Error-Hexagon Paneling on Surface

Hi ,
i am doing a relatively simple task of paneling hexagons on building surface & then use refinery(Generative Design-Revit 2021_version 21.11.1) to generate various outcomes. However every time i use generative design to create study for this specific case , its get stuck & no response or outputs are generated. it keeps running in like a loop 0/10 for hours & no results are generated even though i have kept the bare min generation & seed . i have run generative design on other modules which work fine , nut somehow here its not working at all. maybe i am missing something from the script end, although i not not able to figure out what might be causing this issue.

Can anyone kindly point out what could be the problem here, am i missing anything in the script.?

@sachin.menon ,

the pic is too pixilated! can you reset the pic in higher resulution…
Which errors do you have?



Hi Draxl,

i am not getting any errors per say, in dynamo the script works fine-but in Generative Design it simply does not generate any results & the studies keeps going on & on without displaying any results at all( 0/10 generation is what it says even after 30 mins).
i simplified it further with just count of panels as output but even that dint work in GD. i ran some previous script that i had from my previous workflows & they are working fine as well as generating various outputs in GD . However something in this script, i guess is causing the GD to not process it !
attached the snapshot of refinery server log as well.

kindly let me know if the image is clear enough if not i will attach the script .