Generative Design Command Line Interface

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I trust all is well. I’ve been exploring the Dynamo CLI to execute scripts on the server side, generating geometry.json and XML files displayed on the Viktor cloud platform. I’m curious if generative design incorporates a similar CLI that can yield these outputs. The ability to run GD studies server-side and present them to users on the Front end, like Autodesk Forma and Google Delve, could be advantageous. Your insights are much appreciated.

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@LilliSmith the PM for Generative Design and is best positioned to shed some light on this.

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@LilliSmith, it would be great to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Hi @bayowindapo Sorry for the delay. So we don’t support running generative design without the generative design UI in Revit, but if you want to experiment you can try to access the GD server which should be located here C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AECGenerativeDesign 2024\GenerativeDesignServer\GenerativeDesignServer.exe Let us know how you do, we’d love to support this in the future when resources allow!

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Thank you!
Please let me know if there are any resources I can look at to understand the mechanics of the GD server.

Yeah, sadly this is a closed source tool so we don’t publish that information.

Ahh of course. Thanks.