Generating Polygon from ordered points using an iterative algorithm

Hi all, I am trying to construct a polygon around each desk and chair with an area of 4 m2 in an office, this area must be free of intersections except for the desk and chair already included and in case an intersection is found with another polygon or structural element( like a wall, column ) the polygon must adjust its boundary all while maintaining the 4 m2
i am trying to use a bounding box for both desk and chair together to make sure that they are included in this polygon and also to use one of its vertices as an origin for a grid of points, this list of point coordinates will be used to generate polygon shapes

in the attached videos it shows how the script is expected to run in 3 scenarios ( the videos are just an animation not a real script) so i hope if anyone can help with some references or what is the best way to write this script

Thanks a lot


Not a bad way to get off to a fast start. But it can be done.


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thank you Durmus I will try it

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