Formatting Excel Headers

Hello! New to Dynamo so I’m not totally sure if I’ll explain this correctly. Essentially I have a script that creates an Excel file that needs to go into a custom Revit family. The Excel file did not come from Revit, so it isn’t formatted to go into Revit. When Revit exports a table the formatting of the headers is ##parameter##units## (or some variation of this). The Excel headers need to be formatted this way to be put into Revit. Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this?

I don’t know if i understand it correctly, but do you want an excel file to act like a schedule in Revit? Or do you want to transfer data from your excel file to certain elements?

With headers, do you mean the first row in you excel file, or do you mean header text?

Ideally, I’ll have one very large file that I can pick and choose parameters from, move those parameters into a smaller file, and put that file into a Revit family

Maybe this thread can help you out?

Could you upload your dyn and post screenshots. Thanks.