For loop to create parameters and points on a curve

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with this design script of mine. The intent is to get a point on a curve, get the point perpendicular to it on an offset curve, get a point 20mm away from the last point on the offset curve, then get a point perpendicular to the last one on the original curve again. This should be executed to get placement points for panels, but I want to force the 20mm between the placement points. If I just use PointsAtChordLength the panels overlap if the original curve is very tight.

Problem is that it runs, but the list that returns is full of nulls and I can’t seem to find the issue.

Here is my design script:

If someone could help me with this, it would be great!

Thanks in advance

Can you post the dyn and any other files needed to review this? If you can’t host them here use Dropbox or similar hosting service. Otherwise people will have to spend a lot of time rebuilding the framework to test your problem in.

Hi Jacob, I’m struggling to load new files because I am a new user.

If you can’t host them here use Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, Google Drive, wetransfer, or similar hosting service.

Can I maybe send it to you via email to upload here?

send me a PM and I’ll send you my email there. Posting such in an open public forum is a bad idea generally speaking.