Floor by outline Type and level

We try to create floors by outline from rooms and with Lunchbox Room Element Collector this works well.
But we need to do this for one level in our project.
We can find thr rooms of one level also, but how can we filter the list of boundaries from the Collector to match to
the list of rooms from one level.

Thank´s for help

Hi Johannes,

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Tank you Kulkul,

we will go that way.

I think this will work too:

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Yes it will:slight_smile:

Thank´s that is so elegant ! ( why did this not happen to me ?)

But what happens if there are colums or openings in the floor?
In this case the lunchbox seems to work better.


Doesen’t this work?


hrere is what we get when there are colums in a room:


Ok, thank you. That’s nice to know.

Those columns generate additional loops and Revit can’t candle that at the moment. This old discussion will give you some more info on the issue:

Spring nodes has nodes that generate floor openings or shafts, that might suit you.