Flip Room Calculation Point direction for multiple door families

I am trying to find a way to flip the Room calculation point for multiple doors. I found that the ROOM_CALCULATION_POINT is accessible through the API and I can read it’s value, but I can’t figure out how to flip the direction. Any ideas on how to approach this?

The following comment shows a way to collect the parameter values if it is of any help.

You can flip the entire family (either through the control or a mirror) but not the calculation point on its own. You would have to edit the family and move the control point to the other side of the door. Typically you would build the family or type to match the intended direction of the door (e.g. interior doors go inwards, exterior doors go outwards) and not have to deal with flipping. The other option is to add a parameter to control which side the door is on (not swing, inside or outside) so that you can flip the family (room point) and door separately.

Thanks, Nick. In my case I have a lot of doors that were made without paying attention to the room calculation point in the first place. I need a one time fix for all of them (by editing the family) and not the option to flip it while they are in the project. I just want to avoid going into and editing 100s of families. From what you wrote I understand it is not possible to access the control point within the family editor through the API so that I can edit it (flip it) once?

I’m not sure if this is available in the API or not, I haven’t checked, but it would have to be in the family environment, yes.

This would be a family level change. So you’d have to be sure that one change (per family) is going to fix this for all instances of that family. I recommended the parameter fix so that you could control each instance independently if that were necessary. 100s of individual door families is quite a lot. As I said, I’m not actually sure if you can modify the room calculation point through the API or not. If not, it may be worth adding the control parameter just so you know you’re covered in all scenarios.