Fix node Element.FromDynamoSurface

I hope get ElementId by node Element.FromDynamoSurface from clockwork 1.0 But it is empty
Can someone fix me please or is there another way to get element ID from Face!
Thanks so much!

i get element when i select face of the wall.

Hi @robert12546358 you use what clockwork version ?

ClockWork for Dynamo 1.x

yes! what is build version in 1x

yes, I have this.

The same me! No reason why I can not work this node!

Restart your computer then you can try.

Thanks i will try now!

@robert12546358 it still empty list!

can you show your dynamo graph and revit object??

I select face for Beam!

i think like that, beam is a family member (Beam) not a system family member (Wall) so you can not get element by face.

If i use node Select Face (s) (PickObject) like this! it is active
So Do you know different reasons?

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i never this node use.

I think that, Select Face use only for system member.
select face(s)(PickObject) use for both system & family member.

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