Fire Damper Auto-Placement

I set it to 1 and still something is wrong

you can test it
Fire Damper Autoplace.dyn (21.8 KB)

Strange. I haven’t upgraded to 2.0 yet so someone else will have to test your .dyn for you.

Hi @Nick_Boyts,
I’m using dynamo 1.3 and also not getting the output. duct element & point are in same level in list. I tried flattening them as well.

I figured it out. In my case, it was activating the family symbol. Just place a family instance anywhere in project to activate the family symbol and after that, the node worked perfectly!

if you want to edit the python code, WombatDynamo: "The symbol is not active" is the link to activate the family.

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I’ll be sure to add it to the node soon. Thanks for the heads up.


I edited the python code right after unwrapping the familytype and it worked perfectly!

Thanks for the MEPover Package @T_Pover !

Did it work perfectly if one duct element is intersecting with multiple fire rated walls?

I’m having difficulty to make it work in that scenario. It puts a fire damper but It breaks my duct element connections. so its no longer in one HVAC system.

Hi guys,
For me it didn,'t work at all. MEPover node returns null result and all other nodes work fine.

Hope T_Pover finds the issue and solve it.


Hi guys,

It would be great if you could share a small sample Revit file along with your Dynamo graphs. I have created the node with the families from my own library in mind, so there are probably a lot of scenarios that I did not consider when creating the node. It would be nice if I could test the node with famliies that are not my own so that the node can take into account multiple scenarios

I did update the node last week with a few improvements by the way.

Yes Sure;
Thanks in advance

Below is the link for Revit files I used and dynamo file. Dynamo file used for local RVT and linked RVT.

I tested the newer version of the package in my script and it didn’t place damper anymore. I had to switch back to previous version.

So I had a look at Simo’s Revit and Dynamo files. There’s a few things that I’d like to highlight:

  • Per duct you need to supply a list of points, even if it is just a single point, then it has to a list of one point
  • Make sure the points are on the duct location lines

I have modified the dynamo file to make it work. The above two points were not in order so that’s why it did not work.

Fire Damper Autoplace.dyn (25.0 KB)

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Thanks so much it worked

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Hi @T_Pover ,
In my case, here is the example where the node works and where doesn’t. if one duct element is crossing multiple fire rated wall it doesn’t work. Does it work at your end?

Works on my end, here are the inputs to the node:

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Hi Everyone

hearwith I attached dyn file
the problem is I cannot find every duct across every wall intersection point
please helpplacing fire damper(2).dyn (42.8 KB)