Finish face of the 2nd wall

Colleagues, I created this script to generate a second layer on walls, such as baseboards and coverings. However, the way I achieved it is that it takes the faces of my environment and puts them on the axis. As you can see, half of the baseboard ends up inside my wall, causing a problem on the front side. I need it to take the faces of the environment and create the baseboard entirely inside. Any suggestions on how to do this? Because if I use the offset, it will put the opposite sides in the opposite direction as well. I’m at a loss for a solution. I appreciate any help you

can provide. Thank you.

I think you need to use a node or method that allows you to specify the wall location (Location Line parameter).

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Or offset by 1/2 of the wall thickness.

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Yeah, but that’s no fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re locating them based on the wall face anyway it should be easier to get the room bounding curves which will all be in one direction, so the wall location line becomes trivial.

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So wall by face tool. Not a bad idea… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok that’s a better idea. :laughing:

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Wow, but if I have to select face by face it won’t be efficient. I need a way where I can continue selecting environments.

I confess I didn’t understand. What would it be like? What could you do/use?

Build a mass of the room geometry (useful in it’s own right in many ways), and use wall by face to generate what you are after.

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Solved with a simple offset, colleagues. :smile:
Once again, thank you. :clap: